My sincere apologies for waiting so long to write this letter. I just wanted to say thank you to you and your wonderful staff for not only allowing me to truly enjoy my wedding without a worry on my mind regarding decorating and flowers, but truly amazing me with your work! Believe it or not, I am very meticulous when it comes to details, and never once during my interaction with you was I ever concerned about how things were going to turn out. I had complete trust in you and your company. I was in awe of everything from the hand tied flowers and boutonnieres to the amazing arrangements at the church and reception. I do not remember much about my wedding in general, I was so nervous, but I do remember walking out of the church after everyone left and seeing your flower arrangements go rolling out on a trolley. I looked over at my mother and said in complete amazement, "are those my flowers and are they real?" I had complete confidence in you from the beginning, but I have never in my entire life seen a more beautiful and creative flower arrangement. I was so impressed and frankly over whelmed that I could hardly wait to go to the reception hall and see the other arrangements!

My best friend was married about two years ago in the Athenaeum Hotel's Grand Ballroom in downtown Greek Town. It was by far the most beautiful wedding I had ever seen. It was very comparable to a Hollywood wedding. I always felt that my wedding would pale in comparison. Although my wedding was half the size, and half the caliber of venue, I had so many compliments from friends and family that attended both weddings stating that my wedding was simply phenomenal . In fact I had several wealthy acquaintances ask me if I had truly planned this wedding by my self! They made references to the quality of the flowers and cake and how we were able ot afford such beautiful products. This is truly a direct result of you and your company!

Please let your staff know how thankful my husband and I are for all of their efforts. We would like to especially thank you for not only earning our trust, but sincerely overwhelming us with your beautiful work! I know I am not being bias, when I say that I feel my wedding had the most beautiful and creative flowers I have ever seen!!! Thank you for creating a vision beyond my wildest dreams! I will without reservation recommend you to all of my friends and family. I feel that the care and effort that you put into your events places you in a class that is head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you so much, it was truly a pleasure!

Respectfully, Your biggest fan!
Heather M. Alexander

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